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NOVICES - Nouvelle Saison 2016/2017

du Cours
Chorégraphie  Chorégraphe musique
14/09/16 FOOTBALL PROBLEM new2 pdf_button Chatti The Valley Drinkin' Town With a Football Problem
  Billy Currington
21/09/16 DRUNK IN HEELS   new2 pdf_button Betty Moses & Eugene Walls Drunk In Heels - Jennifer Nettles
28/09/16 JAI'DU BOOGIE  (1999)     
Max Perry 
Rachael McEnaney
J'ai Du Boogie - Scooter Lee
It Happens - Sugarland
05/10/16 SMILE ON MINE   new2 pdf_button Marie-Calude GIL Smile On Mine - Jon Wolfe
12/10/16 DANCE WITH YA   new2 pdf_button Cadee Seger & Jamie Marshall Dance With Ya - Drew Baldridge
09/11/16 JET BLACK PONTIAC  new2 pdf_button Arnaud Marraffa Jet Black Pontiac - Chase Bryant
16/11/16 SHE'S SO HOTT!!  new2 pdf_button T Thornton & James Pruitt Hard To Be Cool - Joe Nichols
30/11/16 STORIES WE COULD TELL new2 pdf_button Vivienne Scott Stories We Could Tell - The Mavericks
07/12/16 HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY  new2 pdf_button Angeles Mateu Simon Soggy Bottom Summer - Dean Brody
Sue Smyth
Dan Albro
Whatcha Reckon - Josh Turner
We Are Tonight - Billy Currington
04/01/17 LIGHTNING POLKA pdf_button Peter Metelnick Sin Wagon - Dixie Chicks
18/01/17 GOOD AT TONIGHT new2 pdf_button Amly Christian & Lynn Card Good At Tonight - David Nail & Brothers Osborne
25/01/17 MISSING  new2 pdf_button Heather Barton Missing - William Michael Morgan
01/02/17 TELEPATHY pdf_button Chris Hodgson You Can't Read My Mind - Toby Keith
08/02/17 DEVIL'S SHADOW pdf_button Kate Sala The Devil and Me - BR5-49
01/03/17 MAKE YOU MINE  new2 pdf_button Gudrun Schneider & Martina Ecke Make You Mine - High Valley
08/03/17 LOVE HER FOR A WHILE new2 pdf_button Vivienne Scott Love Her For a While - Sam Outlaw
15/03/17 POWERFUL STUFF  new2 pdf_button Jessica Carlson Powerful Stuff - Rascal Flatts
22/03/17 HOT TAMALES  pdf_button Neil Hale Country Down To My Soul - Lee Roy Parnell
29/03/17 Révisions      
05/04/17 LOVED TOO MUCH  new2 pdf_button Kim Ray Loved Too Much - Ty Herndon
26/04/17 A COUNTRY HIGH pdf_button Norman Gifford High On a Country Song - Sam Riggs
03/05/17 YOUNG FOREVER  new2 pdf_button Tabitha Carmes Young Forever - High Valley
10/05/17 HEAVEN SOUTH  new2 pdf_button Laurent Chalon Heaven South - Brad Paisley
17/05/17 IT'S WORKING   new2 pdf_button Dan Morrison (2 mai 2017) It's Working - James Barker Band
31/05/17 JUST LAY LOW pdf_button Sue Smyth Lay Low - Josh Turner
07/06/17 PATSY FAGAN  new2 pdf_button Francien Sittrop Patsy Fagan - Derek Ryan

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